Monday, 12 April, 2010

iPhone 3GS unlocked

I was at an Apple store near Boston and inquired about the iPhone. Now, normally when one buys an iPhone in the US it is locked to AT&T. Meaning it costs $200 for a 16 Gb iPhone 3GS but you have to buy it with a 2 year contract. So they charge you for the full 2 years in advance. Which can make the price as much as $800 to $1000 depending on your plan.

But the sales person there told me that I could also buy the iPhone unlocked for US$ 400 above this price. If this is true then the iPhone 3GS would cost $600 or about Rs 28000. This is considerably less than Vodafone's india pricing for the newly introduced iPhone 3GS that I posted about a few weeks ago. Scroll down for prices I wrote about. Or check Vodafone's or Airtel's sites.

Of course, buying it 'officially' from Vodafone or Airtel gives you the peace of mind of support and a warranty. I don't have any actual experience of the support or warranty on an iPhone in india but from what people tell me, Vodafone doesn't actually repair your iPhone if it's broken. They send it to Bangalore and there, if your phone has not been waterlogged, or it hasn't fallen, it gets replaced.

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