Saturday, 2 August, 2014

Which iPad (Aug 2014)

There is a comparison of all current iPads at Apple India site with prices...

There are four models available (as of Aug 2014)
iPad Air
iPad with Retina
iPad mini with Retina
iPad mini

Prices for all models and variants are on that page too. Here's what MRP in India as in Aug 2014 look like...

From this, here are things to consider when choosing an iPad…
  1. There are two ‘mini’ models and two full size models.
  2. The full-size iPad with Retina is the older model with the older processor. Means, slower.
  3. The full-size iPad Air is the newest model. Fastest.
  4. The full-size iPad Air and the small iPad mini retina are identical except for size.
  5. The full-size iPad Air and the small iPad mini retina models differ by Rs 7000 across all variants.
  6. The two full size models and the mini retina have the same resolution.
  7. All models with Wifi+3G cost Rs 9000 more than the corresponding one with Wifi only.
  8. The full size iPad retina (not Air) and iPad mini (not retina) are available only as 16 GB.
So, which one?

If you need… 
Internet everywhere, then get any Wifi+3G variant.
to play fast games, then get iPad Air or iPad mini retina.
don’t need to work on large documents, have lots of photos or music then get higher memory.

My recommendations…

Larger screen, tight budget, basic documents, Internet, some music, Skype, wifi always available 
 - iPad retina 16 GB Rs 29,000 - add 3G for Rs 9,000 more
Ultra portable, basic document work, some photos, movies, occasional games
 - iPad mini Retina Wifi 32 GB Rs 36,000 - add 3G for Rs 9,000 more 
Lots of games, music, movies, need continuous Internet
 - iPad Air 64 GB Wifi+3G Rs 59,000 - 32 GB enough, deduct Rs 7,000