Saturday, 11 April, 2015

NAB 2015 - what I'm looking out for

It's NAB time once again, and I'm back in the US. Spending the weekend away from Las Vegas, unwinding, reading up, preparing, and getting over jet lag just before I go into Vegas tomorrow.

This year, the things I'm paying attention are...

4k - where are we so far? 4k Recorders, recording software, formats, codecs.
New cameras for prosumers, docu and independent film-makers Canon XC-10, C300, and others.
Wireless video - not the streamed low-res stuff, but full res HD and uncompressed.
Disk Storage - of course, disks will be larger than last year, faster perhaps, but what's new?
10 GigE - faster networking and sharing for small groups.
VFX software - what's new in this field where no one seems to be making money.