Wednesday, 7 April, 2010

3D TV sets in India

Samsung has launched a range of 3D capable TV sets in India. There are LED, LCD and Plasma models. Details are a bit thin at the moment and all one has to go by is a press release at Samsung India's web site.

The models will be available at stores all over India eventually. Model numbers according to the press release, are the LED 7000/8000 series, LCD 750 series and the Plasma+ 7000 series. There's also a 3D capable Blu-ray player the BD-C6900 and a Home theatre capable of 3D playback the HT-C6950.

These 3D TV sets also have a capability of taking normal 2D content and converting it into 'pseudo-3D' which is probably interesting for sports and some movies.

But when one browses TV sets at Samsung India's web site, for the 7000/8000 models there's no mention (yet) of 3D capability. These are the Series 7 and Series 8 LED models of the 'UA' prefix. The Samsung US web site mentions the 'UN' prefix model as 3D capable. So I guess we need to wait for an update to Samsung India's web site for details of local models.

But going by the description of the UN model at Samsung's US web site. The 3D models are…
46" - UN46C8000 - US$ 2800 - Rs 1,45,000 (approx. before duties/taxes)
55" - UN55C8000 - US$ 3500 - Rs 1,57,500 (approx. before duties/taxes)
46" - UN46C7000 - US$ 2600 - Rs 1,17,000 (approx. before duties/taxes)
55" - UN55C7000 - US$ 3300 - Rs 1,48,500 (approx. before duties/taxes)

In the US these TV sets when bought with a compatible Bly-ray player comes with a starter pack with a 'Monsters vs Aliens' DVD, and two pairs of 3D glasses. Oh yes, you need glasses to see 3D.

Interestingly these TVs also have an Ethernet jack so you can connect to the Internet and play apps for news, weather, etc. 'Convergence' yet again!

More on 3D TV sets as I get real first hand information. And when I get to actually see one which could be as early as this week end.

Incidentally there are some reports of the semi-finals and finals of the ongoing IPL T20 tournament being shot in 3D. But you won't be seeing these in 3D even with a Samsung 3D TV set since there is unlikely to be 3D telecasts anytime soon. We haven't even moved to HD yet.

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  1. came across this post while searching for 3DTV.
    Are u doing another article on this? or know any good site to get more info?

    A friend of mine has bought the Samsung 3D model and we would really like to know all that it has to offer.


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