Sunday, 17 December, 2006

Film restoration with PFClean

I just saw a demo of a film restoration software callede PFClean. And I can't wait to get my hand on an eval version.

PFClean is a software made by Pixel Farm, a UK based company. It runs on a Macs and is ready for the Intel Macs. Pixel Farm sell it as software (really pricey) or a turnkey system complete with render processors. If you get the software-only, you need a really beefy new MacPro and fast hard disk arrays. And separate XServes or MacPros to render as well.

PFClean can open a variety of file formats but it really feeds of DPX. It can resolve time code as well as preserve directory tree structures so it integrates well in a DI pipeline.

What PFClean does is to open a set of DPX file sequences directly or via an EDL. It then analyzes these images for the usual scratches, dust, and other marks. It then repairs them and shows you the result. But it does this non-destructively. Meaning you can go over the corrections and choose to implement ot commit them or to tweak them and then apply. Or you can even choose to ignore them and do your own manually.

Apart from the obvious marks and blemishes, PFClean can also work on warps and shakes caused by sprocket damage or joints. It does this manually or can be set to do it automatically.

I didn't get a chance to actually measure how fast PFClean works. Maybe with an eval one can make it go through an entire jumbo reel and see how it does. Also, whether it works faster in HD or SD mode compared to native 2k files.

In the months and years to come, film restoration is set to become another important fact of the film and video post business, along with CGI/Graphics and VFX. Who knows, if we do it correctly we can actually be a worldwide centre for film restoration.


  1. Hello Mr. Sadwelkar,

    I was just going through your blog about PFclean and was wondering whether you have tried Diamant before. If yes please leave your feedback on the same.

    Priyanka Verma

  2. Priyanka,

    I wrote that post in Dec 2006 - almost 2 years ago. Since then we bought many seats of PFlean, Revival, and are evaluating Diamant and Phoenix.

    And I'm not in any day-to-day touch with actual restoration.

    What I do remember was seeing a demo of Diamant some months ago in my office. I found the interface a bit clunky. And the speed too wasn't up to it. But that could be because of the workstation the reseller brought along.

    You're welcome to come over to Pixion and meet with Rajeev Dwivedi for his first-hand views.


  3. Anonymous6:49 PM

    nice, pf clean is betterthan diamant, no in review diamant is better, it fully rendering process,

  4. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Hi neil,
    I am joe and workind as a technical trainer cum Sr.QC in digital film restoration field. I have got 4 years experience in this field. I have worked on more than 150 hollywood films(6K,4K,2K,HD,SD). According to my experience condition, Diamant is very good for full restoration.(DUST,LINE SCRATH, FLICKER, STABILIZATION,COLOR REGISTRATION,etc...) Where as PF CLEAN is suitable for dust busting work... According to the grapevine, Diamant software was designed for semi skilled operators(10+2)We can train people for this software(full restoration) with in a month. Now, can you understand which one is the best in the market?

  5. S.Tushar +9198921055822:03 PM

    I just had worked on a DEMO of DIAMANT V3.0 & need to say that it is a VERY Good Software for RESTORATION purpose. Looking at the result I was so amazed that thinking of starting MY OWN RESTORATION LAB(Very Small, May Be Even With One Computer). ONLY the thing is that it is VERY COSTLY. (One of the Independent Restoration worker)
    S.Tushar +919892105582

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    i hv a 6-7 years experince in degital fil restoration , i know pf, revival, diamant, dvo., is there any company

  7. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I have 3 years experience in Restoration in chennai... i am the senior artist in my team... i worked tor hd,24,4k,6k footage, i know the complete restoration(dust,scratches,line scratches,flicker,color breathing, stabilization, bump,film tear, x ray fog, continuous dust )
    i need job,
    is there any opening


  8. Hi Sir,
    IAm srini from chennai has got four years work experience in Digital film restoration (DIAMANT)
    I suggest Diamant is the best restoration software which supports many film formats and different file sizes even its 6K,4K. So, prefer diamant. For team building on Diamant contact.



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  10. many do pfclan save the result ? I´m unable to make it export the restored dpx files. It always crashes...what i´m doing wrong ?

  11. You need to get in touch with Tech support at PF Clean or the reseller who sold you PF Clean. They have good support and I'm sure they can find a fix for your issue.

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  13. Dear Sir,

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  14. Hello Sir,
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