Saturday, 24 November, 2012

EDL check and 'electronic pull list'

Any editor out there (in Mumbai or India), who has a life, friends and family, and is sick and tired of wasting hours and days at a DI place because...

EDLs don't match, Files can't be found, Conform takes hours and days, Eye-matching has to be done, sound doesn't sync (the new 23.976-24-25-29.97 'bhelpuri' effect), a one-day job takes 2 weeks unscheduled...
and other such irritations...

Grieve not. 
I'm offering 'EDL pre-checking' and 'electronic pull-list' for digitally shot movies.
So, only used files are carried for DI, and the EDL is proved to be fine before handing over for DI.

What I do is, from your project (Avid or FCP), I automatically parse (means read and analyze) a list of all Red/Alexa/Canon files needed for each reel. Then, these are copied to a new drive. So that drive has reel-wise folders with selected files for each reel, neatly placed in reel-wise folders. And this is a copy, so your original drive and files are intact.

I then make AAFs (for Avid MC) or XMLs (for FCP) and ensure that this each and every clip on the timeline correctly connects to this new drive. This AAF/XML can then be imported into any Baselight, Lustre, iQ, Resolve, whatever, and within minutes your timeline is ready. No manual connecting, no waiting.

And you need not carry multiple hard disks to the DI place, just this one small drive with all used-in-the-edit rushes. 

This is not a free service. Charges are fixed fee per reel. Mail me.

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  1. Good luck, People can create problems even when everything is given pre checked. Have been through this recently.

    What depresses me is the sheer amount of ignorance people have. It's somehow taken for granted that no project can be moved to grading software without hassles. I have seen people spending hours to find a "jugad",instead of going to the manual.


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