Friday, 6 July, 2012

Smoke for everyone

About a week ago, as promised, Autodesk put out, for download a trial version of their newest version of Smoke called Smoke for Mac 2013

For this who want to try it out, it can be downloaded here...

If you're a Smoke editor with years of experience, and you rush there and download it, be prepared for a shock. The entire interface has been changed. Working methods are different. There's right-click nearly everywhere.

And if you're not a Smoke editor but a FCP or Avid editor, then too be prepared for a shock. Particularly if you've tried to learn Smoke many times and given up because the interface wasn't something you could clearly understand.

Smoke 2013 is the first attempt by Autodesk to make Smoke easy to use. And make it similar to Avid and FCP. Hopefully, it will drive many editors to try and use it.
To help master the interface, Autodesk has videos up at their Smoke YouTube learning site...

Here in India this Smoke will be available as a product from about September. But, if you're in a hurry and can work with the limitations in the trial software, you can get a complete Smoke system for about Rs 7 lakhs. And that's with HD/2k capable storage of 10 TB and full dual link 4:4:4 HD video in and out.


  1. its true, smoke will be everywhere in coming days...

  2. Hi Sir,
    I appreciate your points. But Smoke is Smoke. No software can beat that software. But I am still wondering how come the Smoke 2013 price as come soooooo down compare to previous version.? Logically, Autodesk as added much more options, features compare to Smoke 2013..

  3. The price of Smoke has been lowered to reflect current market realities.

    Technological realities mean that what needed a large system of the size of a fridge, with 2 600 MHz CPUs, 3 GB RAM and 36 GB disk space, can now be done by a smaller portable machine with four CPUs of 3400 MHz each with 16 GB RAM and 10,000 GB disk space.

    The older smoke costed nearly Rs 1,00,00,000 because of the hardware it needed. The new Smoke can run on cheaper hardware. Hence the price drop.

    1. That's right sir.. Technology becoming, sorry became 'simple, compact & sensitive'..


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