Saturday, 14 August, 2010

Cry for Ladakh

Many years ago, we went to Ladakh. We spent nearly 3 weeks shooting for a TV series 'Bharat Ke Chhap'. It is a beautiful part of India and will always be. 

Much later I was again associated with Ladakh during the production of Farhan Akhtar's 'Lakshya'.

But now, this magnificent landscape is seeing the effects of nature's fury. It has already killed many and will make thousands homeless. And as the weather heads for a winter, the misery of those living there can only be imagined.

One of my friends from 'Bharat ke Chhap', Reena Mohan, one of the editors of this series, sent this appeal. Please do all you can to help.

Dear friends,

Disasters give no forewarning and the aftermath is a lingering nightmare.... while we are surrounded by floods and chaos all around, the misery of the people of Leh is what we are looking at right now as one of the immediate emergencies.

Anshu Gupta, the force behind GOONJ, went to Leh as soon as he could and is still there doing what he can and reviewing the long-term assistance needed.

We need to rally around and contribute whatever we can to add a few valuable drops though there is an ocean of unending needs.


1. Dry rations: rice, grains, sugar, biscuits, milk powder
2. Woollen blankets - of good durable quality.. these`need to sustain in the harsh weather
3. Woollen clothes in decent usable condition, again need to sustain for some months at least.
4. Cooking utensils, buckets
5. Torches and batteries
6. School material
7. Basic medicines
8. Monetary donations. This would help with the costs of transporting and rehabilitation. Donations may be made by cheque or demand draft favouring GOONJ, with your name and full address and phone number and PAN number given at the back.

Do not give any perishable items please.

Please try and do collections in your neighbourhoods and send your donations directly to the Goonj office at J-93 Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.

Visit for further information and details for collection centres in other cities.

Please inform others... Thank you

Reena Mohan

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