Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

Sony SRW-9000 digital movie camera

At NAB Sony showed the SRW-9000PL, a single body HDCamSR camera cum recorder. A digital movie camera, about the size of a 35mm film camera.

Detailed discussion and the actual camera here

The SRW-9000 is actually a Sony F23 with a HDCamSR recorder built-in. So, it has the same imager size as a 16mm film frame. You can use PL mount lenses from 16mm cameras to make this a digital replacement for 16mm. Well… as far as depth of field is concerned.

What's interesting is that eventually this camera will be upgradeable to a Sony F35 sensor - so you'll have 35mm imaging and DOF characteristics. And there will also be an upgrade to the tape deck - a 1Tb flash memory card recorder that will make this format tapeless too.

And with the addition of a few boards you can record 4:4:4 HDCamSR and also S-log curve on tape. S-log makes the image more 'filmic'. And tape takes out all the conversion and storage issues with current tapeless formats.

There's more. There were hints that this tapeless HDCamSR (called SR 2.0) can be scaled up to 4k. if the number 4k has some magic for you.

The rumored price for a SRW 9000 body with option boards is US$ 1,20,000. When it gets to India this would amount to the equivalent of Rs 70-80 lakhs with duty for the body only without lenses. That puts it at a higher cost than an Alexa or a Red.


  1. Sir How do you Rate/recommend Alexa as an option for Digital Films and the ease of Post Production on Mac. How this will support in cutting costs in Post and Colour corrections there in.
    Thanks and Regards
    Vinod Agarwal

  2. SONY has mastery in digital Cinema camcorder. SONY much more costly than any other equivalent camcorder. But it does have many advantages and easy work flow. Hope that one day Indian cinematographer will feel value for money and will buy it or definitely give chance to try it.

    We are rich in culture and have strong tradition but hope one day cinematographer will feel that camera is equally important. Hope to see one day "Krish" doing international stunts.

  3. How do you rate PMW-F3?

  4. The PMW-F3 has just been announced and I had a chance to see it when it was shown here. It seems like a great camera when it comes out later this year, though many features will be activated only by Feb 2011.
    I will be posting about it soon.


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