Sunday, 3 January, 2010

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My first post in 2010 comes, appropriately enough, while on the move with my iPhone. This is to check out how easy or difficult this is. So, among my first observations for 2010 is a sort of a prediction cum expectation if where the post industry is headed. 

Trends, briefly... 
Tapeless for video acquisition. 
More mainstream movies shot digitally. 
Grading and colour correction will move from big post facilities to small productions' own offices. 
Video-capable DSLRs will develop movie camera features... 
Or Canon and others will introduce movie capable digital cameras. 
Boutique VFX/CGI houses will bloom and prosper. 
Digital Cinema will grow in India - film prints will shrink in number. 
HD Television will take root in India. 
3G will open up newer opportunities for video entertainment.
Only some wise people will actually make money on 3G video.
Wireless Internet will spread into remote areas of India.

And lots more happenings which I'll post as they happen, and with my observations for how it matters for us in post-production in India. 
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PS. After posting this from my iPhone, I checked it out on the actual blog and it was one big paragraph. No line or para breaks. So I've edited it on my iMac. So the BlogPress Lite app for the iPhone does not seem to do formatting too well. Need to explore this further.

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