Tuesday, 29 September, 2009

3G services in India

NewspaperS in India have kept us informed on the running battle for 3G in India. The auction, mind-boggling numbers stating figures on what this is worth etc etc. We'll believe it when we see it, this 3G thing.

Meanwhile MTNL has been advertising free trial of 3G services for its Trump and Dolphin GSM customers. I checked it out on MTNL's sparse web site. Here.

Basically, this is only a trial. It only works in Delhi. And even there it works at Connaught Place, Sanchar Bhawan, Rajaji Marg, India Gate, Pragati Maidan, Delhi Gate and Minto Road. 

No tariff is stated and MTNL says it will be announcing it in the near future.
MTNL plans to sell 3G as a means for video telephony and high speed internet with speeds up to 2 Mbps being advertised.

So that's it for 3G in India. 


  1. Hi Neil

    MTNL has not launched 3G on trial basis but it is for commercial application. Jadoo SIM is available in all sanchar Hat.

    Even the BSNL has launched new 3G in almost in every state.

    Unfortunately government service provider are able to make 3G popular in India.

    Even Deepika ( brand ambassador for BSNL) is not able to promote it.

  2. I saw it on their web site



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