Friday, 30 January, 2009

Apple Color for film DI... gets closer

The top reasons why I had not been able to make Apple Color work in a film DI assignment, in a post house with millions of DPX files available from a SAN were...

1. Color cannot read DPX sequences which don't have alphabets at the beginning of their names.
2. Color cannot read DPX sequences which have numbers less than 7 digits as their names.
3. Color really crawled when asked to open a 20,000 plus, DPX frame sequence - over GigE.

Because # 1 and 2 was true of Color 1, 1.0.1, and 1.0.2, I had stopped trying. Color could not read a SINGLE DPX file that was scanned with a Northlight or Spirit. Both Northlight and Spirit scan to DPX sequences that have numbers for names. With 5 digits, or at times 6, never 7. Renaming the approximately 200,000 DPX files spread over 150 folders Ifor just one feature) just so Color could see them was never an option.

Color 1.0.4 came along, and, although not documented (I haven't come across any such) these things seem to be fixed. Color can now read 'normal' DI DPX files. Whew!

#3 also seems sorted out to some extent and its now possible to scrub through a large DPX sequence without a beach ball. But, if I had a FC card and a licence to my SAN then I would be able to even play 2k - probably.

I also have to check out if Color 1.0.4 can conform an EDL to DPX files of 5 digits and only numbers. And I have to figure out a fix for Color defaulting to 720x486 as resolution when you quit and relaunch. Even if you select 720x576 PAL as your resolution. This is a minor irritant but one can manage.

More as I research it. But now I can get people interested because we can work with log DPX files, which is the currency of DI. And I've got an old Tangent CP-100 to work with my Apple Color station too. But that's another story.

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