Wednesday, 11 January, 2006

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Digital Post production, digital video, digital audio, digital intermediates, digital anything. My "vishesh tippani"

This blog will be mostly about what I've read, experienced first hand, or know someone who's experienced first hand - but confined strictly to a range of subjects in film and video post, digital photography, digital sound... anything digital. I generally stay away from the "I've heard ..." variety of comments as that spread disinformation.

Actually I've got into this blog thing after a bit of prodding from Dev Benegal (yes Dev "English, August" Benegal). And from other friends like Chhandita Mukherjee who believes that I write well. And Bimal Unnikrishnan who had set up where he allowed me to write a bit. And, of course former associates, superiors and colleagues at Nehru Centre who had to bear the brunt of my writing.

So let's see where this goes. Keep coming back.


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  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Yes some digital prodding!! I like the name Vishesh Tippani! Welcome to the world fo bloggers. Good to have you onboard! dev


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